How Do You Install a Flush-Mount Ceiling Light?


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To install a flush-mount ceiling light, first disconnect the lighting circuit by turning off its circuit breaker in the main breaker box. Use a screw driver to attach a fixture crossbar to the electrical box in the ceiling with the screws provided in the fixture's packaging. Wire the base of the light, and connect it to the ceiling. Attach the light to the crossbar.

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Before proceeding with the installation, ensure the lighting circuit is completely disconnected. Using a two-prong electrical tester, place one prong on the black wire in the junction box on the ceiling, and hold the other prong against any metal in the box. The power is disconnected properly if the tester does not light.

Connect the black wires of the flush-mount light to the black wire in the junction box with an orange wire connector. Repeat this step with the white wires. Similarly, take the copper wire from the junction box, and connect it to the green wire on the fixture using another orange wire connector.

Once you screw the fixture into the crossbar, add the light bulbs and the light shade to the fixture according to the directions included in the package. Flip the lighting circuit back on in the main box, and test the light.

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