How Do You Install a Fluorescent Light Ballast?


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To install a fluorescent light ballast, remove the old ballast, secure the new one into place, and fuse the wires together to provide electricity to the fixture. You need a socket wrench, a nut driver, wire connectors, wire strippers and wire snips to complete this project. Replacing the ballast takes 10 minutes to complete.

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  1. Disconnect the old fixture

    Pull the plug from the electric socket. Switch off the power using the main electrical box to the fixture if it's wired to the electrical system. Remove the bulbs. If the bulbs are round, unplug the wiring from the bulb that is connected to the ballast. If the bulbs are U-shaped or straight, pry them from the tension sockets.

  2. Uninstall the ballast

    Remove the ballast cover from the light fixture. Cut the wiring using wire snaps. Unscrew the nuts to the ballast with a nut or wrench driver, and hold the ballast in place while removing.

  3. Strip the insulation

    Remove the insulation from the wire ends of the new ballast and light fixture.

  4. Install the ballast

    Place the new ballast in the light fixture, and secure it in place with the screws. Twist the wire ends two or three times around with the pliers, and twist a wire connector over each wire set. Place the ballast cover over the light fixture, and turn on the power.

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