How Do You Install Floor Joists?

How Do You Install Floor Joists?

Installing floor joists requires floor joist hangers, lengths of 2-by-10 lumber pieces, joist hanger nails and a hammer. In order to adhere to building codes, floor joists must be attached using floor joist hangers which are in turn connected to the wall ledger.

  1. Install the floor joist hangers

    Floor joist hangers are metal brackets that are used to hold and secure the floor joists in a sub-floor. Floor joist hangers should be spaced 16 inches apart from one another along the wall ledger. Use the lengths of 2-by10s in order to accurately install floor joist hangers across the room from one another. The hangers should be positioned in such a way that the 2-by-10s, when inserted into the brackets, sit flush against the wall ledger. Nail the hangers into place along the wall ledger using the joist hanger nails.

  2. Cut and place the floor joists

    Measure the length of the room where the floor joists will be installed. Use this measurement to accurately cut the 2-by-10s using a circular saw. Next, insert the cut 2-by-10s into the floor joist hangers. The 2-by-10s should sit parallel to one another across the entire expanse of the sub-floor.

  3. Seat the joists

    Once the lengths of 2-by-10s have all been placed in the joist hangers, begin attaching them to the joist hangers using the joist hanger nails. Building codes require joist hanger nails hve to be used when attaching the joists to the hangers. Have a person stand on or press down on the middle of the floor joist as it's attached to the hanger in order to eliminate squeaking when the finished floor is walked on.