How Do You Install a Floating Wood Floor Over Tile?

Installing a floating wood floor over existing tile entails buying the materials, preparing the floor and casings, installing the underlayment and flooring and finishing with trim, and takes about 8 to 10 hours to complete, notes This is a fairly easy yet time-consuming project that costs between $8 to $18 per square foot, depending on the wood flooring used.

In order to install a floating wood floor over tile:

  1. Prepare the project and gather materials and tools
  2. A flushtail dove-cut saw, miter saw, jig or circular saw, coping saw, hammer and nails, pry bar and utility knife are needed. Choose and purchase the desired type of engineered wood flooring and the materials for installation, such as the foam underlayment, duct tape, molding, finishing nails, recommended wood glue and painter's tape.

  3. Prepare the casings and floor for installation
  4. Using a plank of the wood flooring and the foam underlayment, trim the door casings with the dove-cut saw so the floor will fit flush with the casing. Making certain the existing floor is clean and level, install the foam layer, trimming to fit with a utility knife. Seal the seams with duct tape. Install the first plank with the groove side out and cut side to the wall, using a spacer between the wall and plank. Apply wood glue to the groove and join it with the tongue of the previous plank, using a pry bar to lever the joints together.

  5. Install the floor
  6. After the wall edges are installed, install the rest of the floor by row or "course." Use the previous cut plank to start each new course for a staggered look. Run a continuous bead of glue on the planks tongue, set with a wood block and tap with a hammer to ensure a tight connection. Use painters tape every six to eight courses to keep the joints tight while the glue cures.

  7. Add finishing touches and trim
  8. Trim the last course to fit the wall, using spacers and a pry bar to create a tight fit. Allow the glue to cure for a least 12 hours before removing spacers and adding trim.