How Do You Install Floating Wall Shelf Brackets?


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To install floating wall shelf brackets, start by choosing an appropriate place to place the shelves, and decide on the required space in between the shelves. Measure and mark the spaces on the wall suitably. Draw discreet lines with a pencil, using a level to enable the shelves to sit straight.

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Use the stud finder to locate the studs in the wall. Drill pilot holes in the wall for the anchors using a hand drill. Fix the hollow anchors into the holes, and mount the brackets. The brackets should be firmly mounted on the wall to enable them to support the weight of the shelves and their contents.

Make one or two screw holes for the brackets. Make a mark on the wall using a pencil, and drill in the pilot holes for the bracket mounting screws using a hand drill.

Drill through the wall and into the stud using a drill bit that is smaller than the size of the screws. Use screw drivers and the screw to fix the brackets onto the wall. Arrange the holes to the bracket properly, and slide the shelves onto the bracket firmly. The shelf should then be fully mounted and ready for use.

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