How Do You Install a Fire Sprinkler System?


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To install a fire sprinkler system, first decide whether a stand-alone or multiuse sprinkler system is to be installed based on the home's water supply. Plan and set the pipe layout for the system, install all fixtures and valves, and check the triggering mechanism.

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A stand-alone fire sprinkler system uses its own piping, while a multiuse sprinkler system shares the home's plumbing system. For a stand-alone system, use copper or flexible plastic tubing connected to a well or storage tank for water with a pump and backflow device installed.

To install a multiuse fire sprinkler system, connect the system's vertical pipe to the home's water supply. Fit the pipe along the wall to the ceiling of the top floor by cutting holes in the wooden beams. Use elbow fittings or T-fittings to run the pipe above rooms, and cap the pipe.

Install a pressure gauge, a flow detector and a rubber-faced check valve below the first elbow or T-fitting. Drill a hole in the ceiling pipe directly above the location where the sprinkler head is to be installed, and thread a thin metal pipe in each hole. Attach the sprinkler head to the metal pipe. Fit an inspector text valve approximately a foot away from the capped end of the ceiling pipe to complete the installation.

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