How Do You Install Field Sprinklers?


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To install field sprinklers, set up the main line, and add branch lines to in. Determine where the pipe ditches and sprinkler heads are going to be, and mark these places. Make ditches that are deep enough to protect the pipe from freezing. Connect the pipes to the water supply line and all the controllers, rinse the system with water, connect sprinkler heads to the system, and turn on the sprinklers. If everything works correctly, bury the pipes.

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Before setting up a sprinkler system, create a plan of the field. Having a plan to scale makes the process of setting up the sprinklers easier. Determine several rectangular areas on the plan to receive water as separate units.

Decide which sprinkler heads to use, as different types have different purposes. Pop-up impulse and gear-driven heads are best for large areas covered in grass, such as fields. Find out the spraying distance of the sprinklers, and calculate how far apart they need to be. Mark their locations on the plan.

To ensure that the plants don't receive too much water, set up a moisture sensor to go with the system. As for the amount of water needed, about 1 inch every 3 to 7 days is usually enough. Watering too frequently prevents the grass from developing strong roots.

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