How Do You Install Fencing?


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To install fencing, measure the size of the fence panels, and set the corner posts at the desired distance. Place posts along the fence line, using the size of the panels as a guide. Attach rails to the top and bottom of the posts, and install the first panel at one corner. Install the remaining fence panels, using the first panel as a guide to ensure the remaining panels are plumb.

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To install corner and fence posts, use post hole diggers to dig a hole that is deep enough to house one-third of the post, place gravel in the bottom of the hole, and backfill the hole with dirt. Check each post and panel with a level to ensure the fence is straight.

When installing vinyl fencing, measure the panels, and install the posts so that they line up with the connectors on the panels. Consider the position of the posts carefully. Install the corner posts, level them, and tie a taunt string between the posts to use as a guide to install the remaining posts.

To install vinyl posts, dig a hole, place gravel in the bottom of the hole, brace the posts with boards, and level the post. Pour quick-setting concrete into the hole, and allow the concrete to cure before snapping the vinyl fence panels into place.

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