How Do You Install a Fence?


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The process of installing a fence consists of laying out the site and staking a fence line, digging post holes and setting posts and then attaching fencing panels. Always check for underground utilities before digging post holes and refer to local zoning laws that may regulate the size and placement of a fence. Proper permits are sometimes required depending on building codes.

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How Do You Install a Fence?
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Stake out the entire fence line, including any gates or corners, and then attach a string along the corner posts to determine the line and placement of post holes. Use a post hole digger or power auger to create holes 10 to 12 inches wide and 6 inches deeper than required. All gate and main post holes may require an additional 6 inches for added support. Install the main and gate posts first and ensure all posts are level. Fill post holes with a concrete mixture and allow it time to dry and set.

Place fence panels between the posts ensuring the end of each panel rests at the center of the post. Preassembled panels have both an upper and lower support rail between the frame for picket mounting. Use a carpenter's level to align the top rail horizontally and mount the panels using stainless screws or galvanized nails. Once installed, mount pickets to the fence panels.

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