How Do You Install a Faucet?


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To install a faucet, remove the old unit, leave out the sprayer hose, attach the connectors, and install the new unit. You need a basin wrench, slip-joint pliers and an adjustable wrench to complete this project.

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  1. Turn off the water

    Use the valves under the sink to turn off the water, and open up the sink itself to drain the remaining water. Disconnect the supply lines using an adjustable wrench.

  2. Remove the previous faucet

    Remove the mounting nuts, and lift out the old faucet. Disconnect the sprayer hose with an adjustable wrench.

  3. Connect the hose

    Connect the fittings of the new faucet to the supply lines, and connect the supply lines to the shutoff valves. Place the new sprayer hose through the sprayer hole, and place it in the center of the faucet hole. Connect the hose and sprayer nipple together.

  4. Install the connectors

    Add new flexible connectors to the supply tubes.

  5. Install the faucet

    Feed the supply lines and connectors through the center of the hole. Make sure that the gasket lines are lined up, and seat the faucet accordingly. Install washers and nuts under the sink to secure it in place.

  6. Tighten all connections

    Ensure that the connections are properly secured. Turn on the valves, and test the faucet to see if there are any leaks.

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