How Do You Install Fascia and Soffit on Roof Eaves?


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To install fascia and soffit on roof eaves, first develop a plan for safely accessing the roof eaves, renting scaffolding if necessary, then mark a straight line on the side of the structure, preparing it for a channel that supports the rear edge of the new soffit. After marking the side of the structure using a 12-inch level against the bottom of the sub-fascia, screw a J-channel support into the sheathing using galvanized deck screws, or nail it into place.

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Use a tape measure to determine the appropriate length for each piece of replacement soffit material, and then begin cutting the material to shape. Typically, soffit installers recommend cutting each piece of soffit to a length of 12 feet. If the soffit material is aluminum, use aviation snips; if the material is vinyl, use a circular saw or a utility knife.

After removing the original soffit but before installing the new pieces, inspect the fascia, and replace it if necessary. Once the pieces are cut, slide each piece into the J-channel, and screw it into the underside of the sub-fascia with a cordless electric drill. Each piece of soffit connects through a tongue-and-groove connection supported by a screws where the pieces overlap.

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