How Do You Install a Farm Sink?

How Do You Install a Farm Sink?

To install a farm sink, cut the kitchen cabinet using the template that comes with the unit, install extra supports for the sink and place the farm sink in the cabinet. Then install the faucet and the drain and connect to a water supply.

If the farm sink did not come with a template, make one using a piece of cardboard. To make the template, lay the unit face down on the cardboard and trace its outline with a marker. Cut the cardboard at the outline and place the template on the kitchen cabinet in the area where the sink is to be set.

Note the location of the sink's lip to make the required adjustments when cutting the front of the cabinet. Use a saber saw to cut the cabinet around the template's outline. A farm sink needs a deep "U" cutout to seat it in the kitchen cabinet.

Since the weight of the farm sink demands extra support, install two ledgers within the cabinet to provide support. The two ledgers must give support to the sink on both sides. Next, place the farm sink in the cabinet and adjust its position so that it fits snugly inside. If required, remove extra wood using a rasp or support the sink by shimming.

To seal the sink in its position, use silicone caulk. Finally, install the plumbing.