How Do You Install Farm Fence Posts?


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Post installation can differ depending on soil type and weather conditions, but the basic process of installing a farm fence post involves digging the post holes, positioning and leveling the posts, and then filling the holes to secure the posts. Use a manual post hole digger when digging post holes in loose or sandy soils that are relatively free of rocks. Use a metal pinch bar with a spade and pointed end when digging post holes in rocky soil.

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Use a spirit level to properly position each post. Measure and level posts after filling post holes with a little soil to help steady the post, or use an assistant to hold the post in place. Once the post is level, refill the hole with soil, and pack it tightly to ensure the post does not lean or shift position. Adding small rocks to the soil and tamping the hole as it fills can ensure the posts remain secure.

Add larger rocks into the soil along the top layers of the hole, where they can alleviate some of the stress the fence places on the post. Corner braces can provide additional support for long fences. Braced strainer posts are sometimes necessary in order to properly support long fences.

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