How Do You Install Facelifters Onto Cabinet Doors?

How Do You Install Facelifters Onto Cabinet Doors?

To install Facelifters onto cabinet doors, measure and order the materials, remove all contents from the cabinets you wish to reface, sand down the surfaces, and install the materials. Finally, trim away the excess, and install the doors, drawer fronts, and other hardware and accessories.

Prepare cabinets for refacing by removing their contents and existing door and drawer fronts. Remove all moldings around and above the cabinets, and fill in any pits in the surface with wood putty. Remove any peeling or loose coatings from the surface you intend to reface.

Sand all surfaces with 150 grit sandpaper. Clean the surfaces with mineral spirits, allow them to dry thoroughly, and then wipe the surfaces with a tack cloth.

Next, cover the end panels with the cut-to-size plywood. Apply wood glue to the back of the panel, and fit it to the inside of the drawer or cabinet, ensuring it is flush with the cabinet's front and bottom.

Cut self-adhesive coverings, and apply them one opening at a time. Place the top edge of the strip flush with the top of the stile and aligned so there is an even overlap on each side of the stile. Apply light pressure, and smooth the coverings downward. Repeat this process on each stile and rail. Install the drawers, followed by the drawer fronts or cabinet doors.