How Do You Install Exterior Stairs?

How Do You Install Exterior Stairs?

How Do You Install Exterior Stairs?

Install exterior stairs by digging footing holes and creating concrete forms. Cut the stringer supports and place the bottom posts before positioning the middle and side stringers. Cut and attach the runners and risers and install the vertical rails to complete installation, states

Before beginning, be sure to take accurate measurements between the door and the ground. Create a plan for the design, making sure the steps are the same height and depth. Once that is done, continue with the construction.

  1. Dig the footing holes
  2. Measure the space from the exterior wall to where the bottom supports, or stringers, will rest. Dig the holes for these points, allowing enough depth to conform to local building codes.

  3. Create the forms and pour the concrete
  4. Cut cardboard forms and place them in the holes, making sure the tops are level with the ground. Mix the concrete until it is the consistency of oatmeal and pour it into the forms. Smooth with a trowel.

  5. Cut the supports
  6. Measure the distance between the footers and cut a two-by-four to fit snugly between the footers. Fit another two-by-four to fit snugly behind the footers.

  7. Place the posts
  8. Place the bottom posts from four-by-fours. Sink the posts into the wet cement. Make sure they retain their position while the cement dries and sets.

  9. Measure and cut the stringers
  10. Measure and cut the stringers to the desired length using a circular saw.

  11. Install the side and middle stringers
  12. After the concrete dries, position the side and middle supports. Attach them with deck screws.

  13. Make the handrails
  14. Cut the handrails from pressure-treated two-by-fours. Attach them using deck screws.

  15. Cut the runners and risers
  16. Measure and cut the runners and risers for the stairs from pressure-treated two-by-sixes. Smooth the cuts with a router and attach with deck screws.

  17. Install the vertical rails
  18. Cut the vertical rails from one-by-twos. Install with deck screws. Follow all local building codes, notes