How Do You Install Exterior Door Thresholds?


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To install exterior door thresholds, smooth the surface over which you want to install a threshold, take out the weather stripping, determine the threshold length required, and cut accordingly. Then, position the threshold appropriately, and secure using concrete or wood screws. Finally, install the weather stripping, and check if the threshold is sealed properly.

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Before installing exterior door thresholds, remove the existing one. Ensure that the damage to the surface beneath the existing threshold is minimal when removing it. After taking out the threshold, smooth the surface by filling any holes.

To know the size of threshold required, measure from the floor till the base of the door's edge. Choose a threshold of a height equalling this measurement. Then, take out the weather stripping, and measure the door opening's width. Cut the threshold to this length using a hacksaw.

Position the cut threshold appropriately in the door opening, and fix it using wood screws if installing over a wooden surface. If the surface is made of concrete, drill holes into it using a masonry bit, and secure using concrete screws.

Next, determine the length of weather stripping required, cut accordingly using scissors, and affix appropriately to seal the threshold. If required, caulk silicone around the threshold's edges where it comes in contact with the floor. Smooth the caulk by running a damp finger over it.

Finally, open and shut the door, and adjust the stripping to ensure that the threshold is sealed properly.

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