How Do You Install an Exterior Door on a Mobile Home?

Start off an exterior door installation on a mobile home by taking the measurements. According to the Mobile Home Parts Store, the width and length of the door should be measured from the inside of the mobile home, with the door closed.

Measuring the inside of the opening gives the same values if the door is removed. However, measuring the door or the frame results in incorrect values.

The Mobile Home Parts Store advises for the door to be kept closed during installation. The shipping clips should also be left untouched at this time. Check that all the mounting surfaces around the door-opening perimeter, including the siding seams, are flat and fastened securely.

Place a nonhardening sealant tape to the back of the door?s mounting flange and carefully insert the door assembly into the rough opening, making certain the door sill is secure on the floor. Fasten the door with hex head screws, starting first with three screws of the outer prelaunched flange at the middle of the hinge side. Continue with three screws at the middle of the lock side. Finish by balancing the door and removing shipping clips. Then open the door, and install the locks, safety chains and threshold plate.