How Do You Install an Exhaust Vent in a Furnace?


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To install a furnace exhaust vent, choose the correct ventilation system, take accurate measurements, and then assemble the purchased vent material, taking care to completely seal all joints and connections. The Do It Yourself website provides detailed instructions for this process.

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Different types of vents can be installed depending on the type of furnace you own. Most old furnaces use direct vents that release all of their air into the atmosphere, whereas modern units use B-pipes. Measure the distance between the chimney and furnace vent to ensure you choose the correct pipe size for installation.

Once you gather the materials, put them together starting at the furnace and working toward the chimney. Connect the pipes with elbow joints. The crimped end of the pipe should always face the chimney. If the pipe is longer than 5 feet, galvanized hangar straps may be needed for support. Screw in the ceiling joist and the strap before looping it under the pipe.

Use silicone caulk to seal the joints and elbows of the pipes, and apply caulk to the furnace and chimney. To prevent gas leaks, make sure there are no gaps in the ventilation system. This project should only completed by someone with the proper experience and tools.

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