How Do You Install an Exhaust Vent Cover?


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To an install an exhaust fan cover, which is typically installed along with a ventilation cap, determine the type of cover to use, prepare the site of installation, make necessary measurements, and mount the shutter or vent cap. Prepare a drill, screwdriver, screws, wooden boards and a saber saw.

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The first step to install an exhaust fan cover is to find out whether a vent cap or a shutter should be used. Vent caps can be a simple cap with adequately sized holes that allow air to flow outside but obstruct large debris from entering. In comparison, automatic shutters instantly open upon turning on the exhaust fan.

To install a vent cap, install the ventilation duct, and attach the cap to the edge of the duct or pipe. Trace the vent cap template to mark the installation area when installing the cap on the exterior wall. Create an opening by using a saber hole. In some cases, vent caps can be directly installed to the fan’s exhaust pipe.

To install a shutter, cut an opening using a saber saw. Install mounting boards as necessary. Attach the wooden boards by nailing them to the hole's perimeter. The final step is to screw the shutter onto the mounting board. To mount the vent cap, place it on the hole, drill holes for the screws, and screw the cap tightly.

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