How Do You Install Entry Doors?


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To install an entry door, clear the door opening, level the sill, position the door in the space, even out the frame with shims, secure the frame onto the jamb with screws, and seal the space between the frame and jamb. Testing the door completes the process.

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How Do You Install Entry Doors?
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Start by obtaining an entry door that matches the doorway size. To do this, measure the size of the entryway where you intend to install the door, and buy a door that fits the measurements. Uninstall any previous door from the space, check the sill area of the opening with a spirit level, and level it as needed. This can be done by adding plywood. Then, caulk the sill and along the perimeter of the opening.

Once the opening is ready, clear the door of any packing material, fit it into the space, and adjust it so that it assumes a proper position. Use a hammer and nails to tack the top door corners, adjust the sides so that they are vertical, and then secure the frame with shims. Test the operation of the door, drill the mounting holes, and fasten the frame to the jamb screws. Finally, seal any gap between the frame and the jamb with minimum expanding foam.

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