How Do You Install an Electrical Plug Outlet?


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Installing an electrical plug outlet requires removing the old outlet, removing the ends of the old electrical wires, exposing the wires and connecting them to the new outlet fixture. Prevent potential contacts by wrapping the entire inner portion of the outlet fixture in electrical tape.

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How Do You Install an Electrical Plug Outlet?
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Most modern outlet cables are color-coded, allowing easy connections. Connect the white wires to the silver screws on the new outlet fixture, and connect the black wires to the brass screws. Connect the ground, typically a bare copper wire, to the single green screw on the new fixture.

Many older homes have outlet fixtures with only two electrical wires and no ground. For a standard replacement outlet, attach the two old cables to the two screws on the new outlet fixture. These fixtures are inherently unsafe, however, so consider hiring an electrician to install a modern, grounded outlet.

Where no previous outlet exists, saw a hole in the wall or floor large enough to accommodate an outlet box, then screw the box into place. Run electrical cables all the way from the house's main electrical panel to the location of the new outlet, drilling or sawing holes wherever necessary. Remove the electrical panel's cover, and install a new circuit breaker for the new outlet. After installing the breaker, the remainder of the connection process is the same for a new outlet as a pre-existing one.

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