How Do You Install an Electric Oven?


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To install an electric oven, disconnect the power, remove the previous oven if necessary, and slide the new unit slightly in front of the desired electrical outlet. Plug in the oven, and then slide it into position. Level and test the oven to complete installation.

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Prior to beginning the installation, inspect the new electric oven for any protective plastic liners or films that require removal. Common locations for plastic liners and films include under the burners, on glass windows and on any ceramic surfaces. Check that there are no signs of significant damage on the unit, such as large dents or scratches.

To disconnect the power, turn off the circuit associated with the electrical outlet you intend to use. To avoid scratching the floor while removing the oven from the kitchen, lift the oven slightly, and place furniture pads beneath it. You may not have to use furniture pads when sliding the oven into place if it's a newer model, since newer ovens often come with rounded feet.

Once the electric oven is in place, use a leveling device on top of the oven to check if it is properly leveled. Adjust the legs to level the unit if necessary.

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