How Do You Install an Electric Fireplace?

How Do You Install an Electric Fireplace?

To install an electric fireplace, choose a location close to a standard 120-volt outlet, assemble the unit according to the manual, plug it in and test the unit. Hire an electrician to customize electrical wiring to fit the electric fireplace directly to the house electricity, if required.

To install an electric fireplace to an existing fireplace, seal all vents and drafts using non-fibrous insulation materials to stop chimney debris from falling into the unit. Cap the chimney flue at the top to prevent rain from falling on the unit. Remove the grate from the fireplace and clean out all the soot and ash.

Inspect the nearest electrical outlet and ensure that it matches the requirements of the electric fireplace as indicated in the owner’s manual. If considering a dedicated circuit, hire a certified electrician to connect the unit to the house power supply. Try to avoid using an extension cord, and if required, consult the manual for the proper rating.

Lay out all the components in the kit that comes with the fireplace insert. Check every piece against the pieces indicated in the instruction guide to ensure that nothing is missing. Assemble the unit and follow each step in the manual in succession. Upon completion of assembly, place the unit in the fireplace opening or preferred location.

Plug in and test the electric fireplace before installing the glass doors (if included in the kit). If the unit works without any problems, remove the plug from the outlet, install the doors and plug in the fireplace again.