How Do You Install an Electric Clothes Dryer?


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Electric dryer installation requires attaching the electrical cord and securely connecting the vent hose. Some newer models offer ventless operation and require a source of electricity and plumbing to drain water.

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Since electrict dryers must produce so much heat, they typically use a 220-volt connection. While these are common in rooms designed for washers and dryers, they might need to be installed in other rooms. Setting up a new 220-volt outlet requires hiring an electrician, because the work is dangerous and typically can only be done by a certified professional.

Traditional dryers get rid of moisture in the unit by blowing it outside and must be connected to a vent hose. This connection must be durable, so most dryers use a hose clamp, a metal ring that is bolted into place. It's important to make sure this connection is secure, as improper ventilation can cause the dryer to overheat.

Ventless dryers don't need a vent hose. However, they remove moisture from the air by condensing it inside the unit though a cold zone or a heat pump and must drain liquid water away. Manufacturers have differing designs for these dryers, but access to a drain is essential. Since ventless dryers are newer than traditional dryers, many rooms don't have appropriate plumbing. Hiring a professional plumber may be necessary when installing a ventless dryer.

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