How Do You Install Electric Baseboard Heating?


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Install baseboard heating by choosing the appropriate units, installing the correct wiring and mounting the unit. The time required for the project varies according to the number of units you are installing and the extent of wiring changes required.

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  1. Select the units to install

    Use the rule of thumb of 10 watts of heating capacity for each square foot of living space you plan to heat to select an appropriately sized unit. Large rooms sometimes require more than one unit. For greater efficiency, choose 220-volt units over 110-volt heaters. Purchase a thermostat rated for the unit you select.

  2. Install the wiring

    Most 110-volt heaters require a separate 20-amp circuit. For 220-volt heaters, you must install a 220-volt circuit. Determine where to place the thermostat and route the wire to the thermostat and then the heater. The thermostat acts as a switch to control the amount of heat the unit provides. Options for thermostat placement include on the wall or on the unit itself.

  3. Mount the baseboard unit

    Attach the unit through the wallboard into the wall studs. Make sure it is located so electrical cords or drapes do not create fire hazards. Connect the electrical wires per the manufacturer's direction. Turn on the circuit breaker, and test the unit.

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