How Do You Install Drywall?


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Install drywall by measuring the piece to fit, attaching it to the studs using drywall screws and cutting necessary openings with a drywall router or spiral saw. Once all the drywall is in place, finish the joint work. Drywall is heavy, so enlist a helper for the project.

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Use a carpenter's tape to measure the wall. Cut the drywall to 1/4 inch less than the measurement. With the help of another person lift the sheet into place and drive 1 1/4 inch drywall screws into the studs beginning at the center of the sheet. Once several screws are in place, allow them to hold the sheet while driving the remaining screws. Add more sheets as necessary to cover the entire wall.

If there are window or door openings, attach the sheet to the wall with several screws to hold it in place and use a drywall router to cut the opening. Plunge the bit of the router into the center of the opening, and move the tool to the edge. Cut around the window framing and remove the excess drywall.

Mark electrical outlets on the floor and note their height. Use the spiral saw to cut the opening, beginning at the center and using the box as a guide. When all the panels are installed, proceed with the finish work.

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