How Do You Install a Drop Ceiling?


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Build a drop ceiling by drafting the room on graph paper and choosing your lighting. Next, attach wall angles, install wiring, and place your suspension wires. Finally, install your main and cross tees, and place the paneling. The process takes a few hours.

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  1. Draft the room plans

    Using graph paper, draw the exact dimensions of the room. Decide on the pattern, and draw out your layout possibilities, including the cross tee spacing. Next, choose the locations for any built-in lighting you plan to install. Finally, make sure there is a minimum of 3 inches between the old ceiling and the drop ceiling.

  2. Attach and install wiring

    Use level to trace a line around the room. Next, fasten the wall angles to all points using either wall studs or screw anchors. Make sure the bottom flange rests on the level line you drew. If you are installing recessed lighting, place the wiring correctly. To install the suspension wires, cut them appropriately. Next, attach them to your main tees.

  3. Install the paneling

    Follow your layout sheet, and align the main tees correctly. Splice if necessary. Next, install the cross tees into the slots of the main tees. Finally, fit your ceiling panels into place.

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