How do you install driveway posts?


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To install a driveway post, dig a hole wide enough to fit the driveway post and cement to secure it, add a layer of cement to the bottom layer of the hole to keep the post steady, and then install the post to the desired height. Make any final adjustments, and then fill the rest of the hole with cement until it is about 2 inches below ground level. If desired, cover the remaining inches with grass.

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Always confirm that no gas or electrical lines run around or below the driveway before digging any holes. If installing multiple driveway posts, use stakes and string to mark the desired height of each post as well as how far each post should be from the other posts. If you intend to run a gate or fence between the posts, simply use additional pieces of string and stakes as a way to mark the bottom height of the fence or gate.

When digging the driveway post's hole, check if the soil is rocky or sandy. Sandy soil is looser and less supportive, requiring a larger cement foundation to keep the driveway post secure. In rocky soil, dig the hole about 12 inches in diameter; in sandy soil, dig the hole about 18 inches in diameter.

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