How Do You Install Driveway Pavers?


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Installing driveway pavers begins with getting the right subsoil. Additional steps include laying the base, setting the edge, laying the paver pieces and filling in the joints.

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  1. Prepare the driveway for paver installation

    It is important to get the right subsoil before laying driveway pavers. This can be done by both excavating and removing loam to get to the stable, undisturbed subsoil.

  2. Lay the base

    Spread and compact the paver base. Once this is completed, pour a 1-inch layer of concrete sand. A thicker base is required for poorly draining soils, such as clay, to improve drainage.

  3. Set the edges

    Set the edges by nailing down plastic or metal edging. This holds the pavers in place and gives them a firm support.

  4. Lay the pieces

    Lay the driveway pavers snugly against one another. Choose a pattern that uses the least number of cut pieces.

  5. Fill the joints

    Use mason's sand to fill the joints. Spread the sand over the surface, and use a vibrating plate compactor to work the mason's sand into the joints.

  6. Seal the pavers

    Although it is not absolutely necessary to seal the pavers, applying a sealer is a good precaution to prevent weeds, loose joint sand, staining, mold growth and ant colonies. Clean the pavers before sealing, and use a degreaser if necessary. Allow the pavers to dry, and use a garden sprayer to mist a sealer onto the surface. Follow the manufacturer's instructions when applying the sealer.

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