How Do You Install a Driveway Culvert Pipe?


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To install a driveway culvert pipe, use string and stakes to mark where the pipe will be installed, use a skid-steer loader's backhoe to dig a sloping trench large enough for the culvert pipe, place the pipe at the bottom of the trench and then cover the pipe with a sloping top gravel base. Use a carpenter's level to make sure that the culvert pipe has a slope so that water runs down the driveway easily.

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Before installing the driveway culvert pipe, always be sure to file all the necessary paperwork to get the proper permits for it. Contact the utility companies to disclose where the pipe is being installed to avoid hitting a power line or water main. Before beginning the installation process, assemble the proper materials and equipment, including gravel, a vibrating compactor and asphalt or cement, depending on what material makes up the driveway. Make sure there is enough gravel that it covers and stabilizes the culvert pipe even after it has been compacted.

If during the process of installation the trench does not have a sufficient slope, add gravel to increase the incline of the pipe. Always keep at least 6 inches of gravel or asphalt between the pipe and the surface of the driveway.

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