How Do You Install a Drip Irrigation System?

How Do You Install a Drip Irrigation System?

Install a drip irrigation system by using emitters and tube snakes. Begin by connecting to an outdoor faucet, then lay out the tubing, install and lay the ground snakes, and cover up with mulch.

  1. Connect to an outdoor faucet

    First, if your hose does not already have a vacuum breaker, screw the vacuum breaker to the pressure regulator. Next, attach the filter to the pressure regulator; then, attach the hose swivel to the threaded opening of the filter. Finally, attach this to the faucet.

  2. Lay out the unperforated tubing

    Attach the tubing or garden hose to the hose bib. Make sure the length is long enough to reach the plant beds. You may use barbed connectors, and snake the tubing with emitters around the plants. It is important to space the lines of tubing about 12 inches apart.

  3. Finish the installation

    Once the tubing is in position, place ground snakes to hold it in place. It is important that the tops of the stakes fit over the tubing. Next, turn on the water, and flush any dirt out of the tubing. Turn off the water and clamp the open end of the tubing shut. Finally, cover the tubing with mulch.