How Do You Install Drip Irrigation Emitters?


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To install drip irrigation emitters, set the supply line in place, insert emitters in the ground at the bases of plants, and punch holes in the supply line. Connect emitters to the supply line, rinse the system, and close the supply line at the end. Let the system work for a few minutes, check if all the emitters are in the right place, and adjust them. Check it again in a few hours, and cover the system with mulch.

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Before starting the installation process, leave the roll of tubing out in the sun for several hours to let it soften, and use it to construct the supply line. Softened material is easier to bend to get it to all the plants. Make sure to run the line by all the plants, and use tees to split the line. Place emitters as close to the plant as possible. If emitters turn out to be too far from the line to connect them directly, use feeder lines to connect them to the line.

If you make an extra hole that you don't need in the supply line, use goof plugs to plug it. When checking the system, make sure that all the emitters and feeder lines are in place, as they may fall out when they are installed incorrectly. An alternative way to cover the supply line is to bury it several inches into the ground using a trencher.

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