How Do You Install a Dremel Replacement Battery?

How Do You Install a Dremel Replacement Battery?

To install a replacement battery on a Dremel tool, purchase a new, compatible battery, charge it in the compatible charging station, remove the existing battery and install the new battery, as noted on the Dremel and Manuals Library websites. Charging stations vary, so some may require a full 24 hours to complete charging. Review the owner's instructions for more information.

To install a replacement battery for a Dremel tool, follow these steps:

  1. Purchase a compatible replacement
  2. Dremel battery packs and chargers are tool-specific, notes the Dremel website. Customers should purchase a compatible replacement battery that is designed for use with their specific tool. Review the manufacturer's warranty information to ensure the replacement battery does not void the warranty.

  3. Charge the new unit
  4. Plug in the compatible charging unit and place the new battery in the charger. The charging station features a green light that blinks while the battery is charging. The battery is fully charged when the green light remains solid. New batteries will only charge up to 80 percent on first charge, states The battery will be able to take a full charge after several charges and uses.

  5. Replace the battery
  6. Press the buttons on the side of the battery and remove the existing unit from the tool. Remove the charged new battery from the charging station and insert it into the tool.