How Do You Install Drawer Pulls on Dressers?

How Do You Install Drawer Pulls on Dressers?

To install drawer pulls on dressers, test the location of the pull on the door, mark where the holes should go, drill the holes onto the drawers and add the pulls. Use a template to mark the holes on the drawers.

Run through the following steps to install handles and knobs on dresser drawers.

  1. Test the pull placement
  2. Before marking or drilling holes, test the placement of the pull on the drawer first. To do so, add some putty to the pulls and stick them directly on the drawers. Adjust the placement as necessary.

  3. Mark the pull screw placement
  4. Use a pull template to mark out the holes on the drawer. Choose a store-bought template or make one out of a scrap piece of wood. When using a store-bought template, cover any additional holes with tape to avoid drilling into the wrong places. When the template is lined up in the right place, use an awl to mark out the holes. This creates a small impression in the drawer, which prevents the drill from sliding out of place.

  5. Drill the holes
  6. Drill the holes into the drawer.

  7. Install the pulls
  8. Screw the pulls into the holes. When installing knobs, add a bit of super glue to the base of each knob to keep it from twisting.