How Do You Install Drainage Pipes?


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To install drainage pipes, begin by deciding the route of the pipe before choosing the pipe to use. Dig a trench, and line it with gravel. Install the pipes, and refill the trench before replacing the sod.

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How Do You Install Drainage Pipes?
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Ensure the route of the pipe is direct, especially if draining a particular point. If you need to drain a general area, the route may meander.

To drain a particular point, use a closed pipe for water to enter at one end and exit through the other end. To drain a general area, use open pipes that have a row of holes along the length of the pipe.

Dig an 8- to 10-inch wide and 18-inch deep trench along the chosen route. Retain the sod for covering the finished job. Dig the trench so that it slopes in the direction of drainage, and ensure its bottom is firm and evenly downgraded. Line the trench with a few inches of gravel, and level it before lining it using a filter fabric.

To install a closed pipe, simply unroll the reels into the trench. To install open pipes, lay them in the trench with the holes facing downwards. Wrap the filter fabric around the pipe as it progresses.

Refill the trench while ensuring you do not disturb the pipes and the filter fabric. Replace the sod that you retained to provide a neat finish.

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