How Do You Install Double Front Entry Doors?


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Installing a double front entry door involves installing a frame for the door and attaching the door onto the frame with hinges. Be sure to obtain a door that suits the measurements of the door opening. One way to do this is to determine the dimensions of the door with a tape measure and order the door from a retailer according to the measurements.

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Start by gathering necessary tools and materials, including a tape measure, lumber, a plumb line, a spirit level and a try square. Add hinges and hinge screws, a saw, nails, a hammer and a screwdriver. To install the door frame, first measure and cut the lumber to the dimensions of the door using the tape measure and saw respectively. Assemble the cut pieces into a frame using the nails and hammer, taking care to set the frame corners correctly using the try square. Place the frame in the door opening, and use the plumb line and spirit level to set the frame in place before nailing it onto the walls.

To attach the door onto the frame, first attach the hinges on the door with screws, and position the door in the frame, taking care to set the door level and plumb with the spirit level and plumb line respectively. Insert the hinge screws into the screw holes on the hinges, and use the screwdriver to drive the screws all the way into the frame to secure the door in place. Test the door by closing and opening it to complete the process.

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