How Do You Install a Doorbell?

To install a doorbell, run wire from the transformer to the installation point, mount the chime on the wall at the exterior point where you want it, and connect the wires. Test the doorbell, and secure it into place.

  1. Prepare the wiring for the doorbell and chime

    Turn the power off to the circuit that you plan to use for the doorbell and the chime. Run both two-wire and three-wire bell wire from the transformer to the installation point. Use fish tape and a power drill to move the wiring through walls, along the ceiling and to the installation point.

  2. Mount the chime and connect the wires

    Set the chime at the desired installation point. Mark the mounting holes, and get the desired hardware (plastic anchors for drywall or masonry anchors for brick or masonry). Use the anchors to hold the chime steady, but retain access to the wiring as well. Remove a couple of inches of the sheathing on the three-wire bell wire, and strip 3/4 inch of insulation from each of the three wire ends. Attach the red wire to the "F" terminal on the doorbell, attach the black wire to the "T" terminal, and attach the white wire to the "B" terminal. Tighten the connections, and install the cover of the chime.

  3. Wire the doorbell and the transformer

    Take a couple of inches off the two-wire bell wire sheathing, and strip 3/4 inch of insulation from each wire end. Attach the white wire to the bottom doorbell screw, and attach the red wire to the top doorbell screw. Dab a bead of silicone caulk in the wire holes, and screw the doorbells into place. Take 4 inches of outer sheathing from the three-wire and two-wire bell wire. Expose 3/4 inch of each of the individual wires. Connect the black chime wire to a transformer terminal. Connect the red chime wire to the red wire from the doorbell button (the front button if you installed a rear one too). Connect the white wire form the chime to the white wire coming from the back doorbell, if you installed one. Take the white front doorbell wire and the red rear doorbell wire (if used), twist them around each other, and connect the combined wire to the other transformer terminal.