How Do You Install a Door Viewer?


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A door viewer offers an inexpensive way to increase home security. When the doorbell rings, you don't have to open the deadbolt. Choose a 180-degree lens for a small area or a wider angle lens for a larger porch. This is a quick process that shouldn't take more than half an hour.

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  1. Choose the right height

    Try to install the lens at a height that everyone is able to use. If someone living in the home is confined to a wheelchair or of small stature, consider adding two door viewers to allow everyone to see who is on the other side of the door. Mark the location.

  2. Drill the hole

    Use a center punch to create a depression at the location of the door viewer. Use a small drill bit to drill a pilot hole through the door. Use a larger bit to drill a hole the size required for the viewer. If installing a peephole with a door knocker, drill the holes for any mounting screws.

  3. Install the door viewer

    Apply silicone sealant around the newly drilled hole. Push half of the viewer with the rounded lens into the hole from the outside of the door. Insert the remaining piece on the inside of the door. Use a large slotted screwdriver on the inside of the door to tighten the device into place. Insert screws into the holes for the door knocker.

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