How Do I Install Door Trim?


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Installing door trim adds a sense of style to your room and isn't complicated as it might first appear. Once you have all the tools to complete the job, installing door trim takes just a few hours. You need the door trim material, a tape measure, a level, hammer, nails, miter saw, wood putty, wood sealer and paint.

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  1. Measure the door frame

    Make sure the distance from the edge of the trim and the edge of the door frame is 1/8-¼ inches. Measure the inside of the door jambs and add distance for both sides of the overlap.

  2. Install header piece

    Place the header piece of the door trim first, as this will allow you to adjust your side casing miters as needed. Once you complete this step, you can measure to the top of the header for accurate measurements. Use the level to make sure you aligned the trim correctly.

  3. Cut the side piece trim

    Line each side piece up against the header to make sure you have a good fit, and make any slight angle adjustments necessary. Approach the miter to fit it tightly by moving the miter saw in the direction you need.

  4. Glue and nail your trim

    Glue each miter cut with wood glue so that your trim will hold while you complete the job. Secure the trim permanently in place by nailing it. Nail spacing should not exceed 16 inches on center. You don’t want the trim to rattle on the door when you open and shut it.

  5. Fill with putty and paint

    Fill all the nail heads with putty for a clean look, and apply paint to the trim for a finished look.

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