How Do You Install Door Strips?

How Do You Install Door Strips?

Installing door strips requires finding the right kind of door strips for your door, removing the old strips and then following the manufacturer's directions for installing the new ones. Some door strips are as easy to install as applying a sticker, while others require routers, chisels and other tools.

Felt is a common type of door weatherstripping. Felt is inexpensive, but it gets wet and degrades quickly, so it usually requires annual replacement. To install felt door strips, simply cut the felt to length and then fix it in place using small tacks, brads or staples.

Adhesive-backed foam tape is another common type of door stripping material. Foam tape installs very easily; simply cut the material to length, remove the backing material and fix the tape in place.

Tubular door strips, such as those made of rubber, vinyl or silicone, are both durable and highly effective at sealing out the elements, but these door strips require a more labor-intensive installation. First, use an appropriately-sized bit in a handheld router to mill a channel for the tubing around the door frame. After milling, pop the tubing into the channel and secure with screws or adhesive.

Tension seals, also known as V-strips, are plastic door strips that do not require any special equipment. To install tension seals, simply cut them to length with a utility knife or scissors and then stick or tack the strips to the door frame.