How Do You Install Door Panels on a Refrigerator?


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The manufacturer of the refrigerator provides a panel and a tool set to secure the panel to the door front. In the case of designing the door panel to match the kitchen layout, a carpenter can help make and fix it. Fit the new door panels with screwdrivers.

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The first step is to order the refrigerator panel from the manufacturer in order to ensure that the panel is the right choice for the particular model and make of the fridge. When the refrigerator door is pulled open, it reveals a metal strip. Use a flat-head screwdriver to probe out the metal strip that covers the screws. It is these screws that fix the trim that hold the refrigerator panel together.

Use the screwdriver to remove the screws underlying the metal strip. Before trying to dismantle the trim ensure the removal of all screws to avoid damaging the trim. Remove the trim and place aside. Place the new panel into the grooves that are now open and adjust until it exactly fits and holds on accurately.

Insert fillings in case the contact is not strong enough or brush off some amount in case the panel does not appropriately fit into the grooves. Proper fit ensures the stability of the door. Place the trim back in its original place and affix it with the bolts. Re-attach the metallic strip. The installation is now complete.

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