How Do You Install a Door Handle?


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To install a door handle, the latch assembly must first be in place. Then, insert the door handle with the cylinder attached to it. Make sure that it lines up with the holes in the launch assembly. Attach the second handle, and fasten the handles with provided screws. The last step is to fasten the face plate to the door using the rest of the screws.

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How Do You Install a Door Handle?
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If the door isn't already designed to accommodate the face plate, trace the face plate onto the door, and use a chisel to remove some of the wood. Make sure to level and center the face place before tracing it.

When installing the latch assembly, turn the beveled side of the latch towards the jamb, otherwise people will have to turn the door handle every time the door needs to be closed.

The screws that hold the door handles in place are typically located on the “locking” side of the door. When using lever-style handles, make sure they are facing the right direction. If not, swap the handles. Most door handles are released using a small button on the base of the handle.

Use a drill instead of a screwdriver to speed up the process.

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