How Do You Install a Dishwasher With a Height Adjustment?


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To install a dishwasher with a height adjustment, insert the machine’s water supply line into the water supply valve, and slide the electrical supply wires into the electrical box hole. Position the dishwasher into its cavity, and secure it to the counter’s underside.

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After threading the water supply line to the valve, arrange the line in the cavity designed for the dishwasher, and lightly push the appliance backward. Unfasten the screws securing the bottom plate to the front of the dishwasher, and slide the water supply line into the water inlet connection.

Ensure to weave wires with same colors, and insert wire nuts into the connections. Tighten the screws on the electrical box containing the wires to keep the wires in place. After affixing the drain line to the sink’s drain line, connect it to the drain connection at the bottom of the dishwasher. Firmly screw the hose clamps at the edge of the drain line to secure the connections.

Place the dishwasher carefully into its cavity, and put a level against the top of the tub while the appliance’s front door is open. Rotate the dishwasher’s feet with your other hand, and adjust the machine’s height until the mounting brackets reach the bottom of the counter. Fasten wood screws onto the mounting brackets, change the front panel, and secure the appliance by tightening the screws.

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