How to Install a Dishwasher at the End of Cabinets?

Installing a dishwasher at the end of the cabinet begins with preparing the panel of the dishwasher. Measure the size needed by the end dishwasher panel using a tape measure before purchasing the panel. Begin the installation by preparing a place for setting a new panel along the floor. Attach all brackets of the panel, and slide the dishwasher into the space.

  1. Prepare the panel

    Measure the size needed by the end panel of the dishwasher using a tape measure. Cut the panel according to the measurement of the cabinet base. Obtain a wood panel that matches the existing cabinets from the nearest hardware store. Mark the panel to the appropriate size using a pencil and tape measure.

  2. Set the location

    Sand the side and front of the panel using grit sandpaper. Paint the panel to match your cabinetry, and allow it to dry. Create a line where you want to position the new panel.

  3. Attach the brackets

    Join two L brackets to the floor where you want to install a dishwasher. Space the two brackets two inches away from the back wall and attach them with a one inch screw using a power drill. Connect the opposite end of the L bracket to the panel using a power drill. Position the panel squarely against the wall with a space of 24 inches at the front of the opening. Attach the remaining brackets on top of the counter. Slide the dishwasher into place.