How Do You Install a Disappearing Fountain?

How Do You Install a Disappearing Fountain?

To install a disappearing fountain, choose a proper location, dig a hole, install the urn and attach tubing to the urn and recirculating pump. You also need a ceramic drill bit, drill, shovel, outdoor power source and small stones or pea grovel.

  1. Choose the location

    Select a spot in your garden where the urn can stand out as a centerpiece. Avoid placing it in direct sunlight to prevent the water from disappearing quickly. Place the fountain near a power source, or install a GFCI outlet within the vicinity. Bury the cord under mulch or a trench. Avoid digging in areas that contain utility lines or tree roots. Ensure that the water flows away from the home if the fountain is near the foundation.

  2. Dig the ground

    Dig the hole to a level that holds the catch basin of the fountain. Use a galvanized washtub, children's pool or pond insert to make the underground pond.

  3. Install the basin

    Place the liner or basin inside the hole. Provide anchorage to the liner by using small pebbles or pea gravel.

  4. Attach the tubes

    Install the tubing into the recirculating pump, and place the pump in the catch basin. Fill the reservoir with the gravel until it reaches the soil level. Thread the loose part of the tubing end through the hole into the base of the urn. Place the urn on the gravel, and fill the urn and basin with water. Turn on the pump, and adjust the tubes as necessary.