How Do You Install Defiant Outdoor Security Lighting?


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To install a Defiant brand security light, first find an adequate mounting location and remove the pre-assembled connection fixture. Install the mounting bracket, replace the connection fixture, make the appropriate electrical connections as shown in the device's manual, and then mount it to the structure, caulking around the fixture to seal it.

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Defiant security lights can be mounted either on walls or on roof eaves. The installation procedure for each mounting location is the same, but installers must adjust the direction that the light and sensor face for the angle of the light's installation. When installing the mounting bracket on the device, make sure the side of the bracket with a "front" stamp on it faces away from the junction box.

When mounting the light fixture to a wall or roof eave, be sure to align the bottom edge of the device with the bottom edge of the connection fixture that came pre-assembled with the device. This fixture should be fixed to the center of the device, which comes with a rubber plug that fits securely over the mounting bolt hole, preventing it from coming loose. When installing any security light, be sure to turn off power to the unit by tripping the circuit breaker of the property's electrical panel.

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