How Do You Install a Deep Well Pump?


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To install a deep well pump, assemble the pump's components, test the pump, sanitize the pump assembly, lower the pump into the well, and secure it into position. Replace an existing submersible pump with a the same model in order to ensure compatibility with the system, and always select a pump that provides sufficient power output and flow rates.

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Splice electrical wires together, and ensure connections are waterproof prior to installation. Refer to the manufacturer's instructions to connect pipe fittings and clamps, and tape wires to the pipe at 2-inch intervals before reinstalling the pump casing. Connect the pump to a power source, and confirm proper operations before inserting the assembly into the well. Use bleach to sanitize the pump assembly prior to its installation.

Use an assistant when lowering the pump. This assistant should feed slack, ensure lowering of the pump at a controlled rate and ensure the pipes and wires do not snag the top of the well casing. Feed electrical wires through the cap of the well before securing the cap in place on top of the pump's casing. Check all above-ground connections prior to restoring power and testing the pump to ensure proper operation prior to use.

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