How Do You Install Decorative Baseboard Covers?


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Depending on the product, a decorative baseboard cover generally is installed by snapping, fitting or sliding the cover into place or by attaching it with screws. Measure the dimensions of the baseboard before purchasing the cover to ensure a good fit.

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First assemble the decorative cover, and then follow the given instructions for installing it onto the baseboard. If necessary, remove the current end caps of the baseboard. If the cover does not use an interlocking system, attach it to the wall or heater using a drill or screwdriver per the product's instructions.

Before buying a decorative cover for installation, take off the front cover to measure the depth of the baseboard from the aluminum tabs to the wall. For decorative wood covers, add an extra half-inch of space to the measurement. Measure the length of the baseboard, and determine if it is a wall-to-wall variety, since these require special covers. Measure from the top of the heater to the floor to find the height, and use these measurements to inform your purchase.

Websites such as Baseboarders provide decorative covers and offer shipping to the home. Look for a product made of rust-free material such as galvanized steel to ensure long-lasting aesthetic appeal.

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