How Do You Install a Deadbolt Lock?


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To install a deadbolt lock, bore the lock bolt hole and insert the latchbolt and keyed part of lock through the latchbolt hole; then secure the two pieces together. A new deadbolt lock usually comes with a template to ensure proper lock placement.

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To install a deadbolt lock:

  1. Position the lock
  2. The deadbolt lock should be about 44 inches from the bottom of the door. Make adjustments if a storm door is used in conjunction so that the two locks do not interfere with each other. Use the template to properly position the lock

  3. Mark holes for the lock
  4. Mark the holes for the latchbolt and lock cylinder. This ensures that the two will line up.

  5. Cut the lock holes
  6. Using a standard drill, bore a hole into the door for the lock cylinder. Using a spade bit, cut a round hold for the latch. Use a chisel and hammer to hollow out a 1/8 inch ridge on the edge of the door latch.

  7. Install the deadbolt lock
  8. Screw the latchbolt faceplate flush with the edge of the door and insert the latchbolt and keyed portion into the hole. Line up the holes from the lock to the exterior and screw the interior and exterior portions securely together.

  9. Install the door jamb latch
  10. Close the door and mark where the latch meets the door jamb. Use a chisel to create a space for the strikeplate. Use the spade drill to bore a hole for the latchbolt to enter. Install the strikeplate.

  11. Test the lock
  12. Close the door and test the lock. Loosen screws and adjust as necessary until the lock fits snugly and easily passes to the hole.

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