How Do You Install Curtains for a Bedroom Window?


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To install bedroom curtains, measure and drill holes for the curtain brackets, mount the brackets with screws, run the rod through the channel in the curtains, and finally assemble and hang the curtain rod. Use wall anchors if there are no available studs near the window.

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Curtains generally come in three standard sizes of 63, 84 and 95 inches. 63-inch curtains are only as long as most standard bedroom windows. 84-inch curtains are made to barely clear the bedroom's floor. 95-inch curtains are designed to pile on the floor for an opulent effect. Adjust the hanging length of bedroom curtains by installing brackets slightly higher or lower than the top of the window frame.

Create an illusion of space in the bedroom by using curtain rods longer than the window requires. Most curtain rods only extend 2 or 3 inches to either side of the window frame. Installing a rod that extends 5 or 6 inches to either side allows extending the curtains further, making the window look larger than it really is. Improve a longer rod's stability by increasing the space between the brackets.

Manipulating the length of curtains is another way to add a sense of increased space to a bedroom. Install the curtain brackets near the bedroom's ceiling, and then use very long 95-inch curtains to make the window appear much taller.

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